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Your partner in Technology for Gripper Components, Robot Hands and Automation Systems
We are leaders in technology for gripper components, robot hands, and automation systems. For the last 30 years, we have been developing intelligent solutions for various tasks in the automations and robotics in- dustries. Together with our 100 employees in Overath, our international distributors in Mexico, Canada, and our sister company >ASS< End of Arm Tooling, Inc., in Livonia, Mi USA, we operate world-wide.
We automate complex work processes in the plastics processing industry, such as gripping, loading and unloading. We also assemble components and ad- minister quality control in the manufacture of plastic articles. Our product selection includes gripper parts, robot hands and automation systems.
The portfolio is completed by PA-Forming (3D-Printing with the SLS laser sintering process), image processing systems, and laser cutting services.
The Highest Quality Standards
All ASS labeled components are developed, construc- ted, and produced, at our headquarters. They are pro- duced or delivered with the highest quality standards according to the EG-Machinery Directive.
All affected members have a Declaration of Incorpo- ration, or by a declaration of conformity. Our quality management is certi ed according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.
ASS Robot Hand Kit
Over 1,500 gripper components make up the ASS Robot Hand Kit. According to customer speci cations to create customized robot hands. According to the requirements, they are designed, manufactured, and assembled, to solve complex tasks such as placing, removing, or compacting parts. Our modular design enables customers to assemble or supplement their in- dividual robot hand themselves.
Special Design Products and Lightweight
Custom or special made parts can be pro- duced in house using our SLS rapid pro- totyping process, especially designed for PA-Forming.
We develop tailored solutions for handling ultra-light- weight components made from carbon- ber thermo- plastic composites. The use of carbon  ber-reinforced components has become another part of ASSĀ“ core competence.

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