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ASS Robot Hand Kit - Gripper components of the highest quality and precision
The ASS Robot Hand Kit consists of 1,500 gripper components, including the grippers, vacuum cups, and profiles.
The gripper components are available in three diffe- rent sizes, all of which are compatible with one ano- ther. We continue to develop and improve our com- ponents: many specially designed components have become standard.
All ASS labeled gripper components are developed and completed in our new headquarters located in Overath.
Individual Robot Hands for our Customers┬┤ Requirements
We conceptualize, construct, and complete robot hands to meet your requirements. Using both our stan- dard gripper components, and customized parts for special needs, we can provide you with a individual robot hand solution.
To satisfy the demand for customized handling tasks, we integrate carbon parts and use our Laser Sintering machine. The SLS rapid prototyping machine is used to integrate compact, lightweights, and polyamide parts.
Automation Systems for High Production Efficiency
and Process Reliability
Our automation systems enable our customers to in- crease production efficiency and reliability, while si- multaneously reducing costs and ensuring consistent quality.
Upon customer request, customized automation sys- tems can also include the robotic integration, as well as programming.
We specialize in automations around the injection molding machine with a focus on components for the automotive industry.

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