Individual Lightweight Designs and Absolute Flexibility

In production often smallest components with very small geometries are needed. Automation technology often reaches its limits. By ASS PA-Forming (selective laser sintering process) we are successful where conventional gripper systems are reaching their limits.
PA-Forming means that the plastic polyamide powder is melted by a laser. The selectively melted plastic mass is built up in layers according to the specifications of the digital construction data.

ASS Polyamide EOAT in Moulding Machine

The selective laser sintering process creates previously unimagined freedoms for the development of new components. Compact size, low weight, and integrated functions are advantages. Very small nest pitches and the handling of thin-walled, unstable parts are possible. In addition to the weight advantage, moving elements can be integrated directly into the components. 3D contours can have integrated air ducts or gripping functions and movable elements such as bellow structures.

Polyamide gripper parts can be combined individually with the components of our our ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT). With ASS PA-Forming we open up new avenues in automation technology.

Exact Production DataSelective Laser Sinter Procedure

These grippers are made by selective laser sintering. Basis for production are the CAD data. The data can also be edited during construction when needed. Production duration of generative manufactured grippers depends on various parameters such as thickness, laser speed, and of course size of the gripper.

Another advantage of the process is economic production through time and cost savings. The customer can promptly be provided a high-quality solution because the grippers are constructed without tools. The complexity of the actual part has no effect on the production costs.

Success Story PA-Forming

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