Needle Gripper NGR 12 DL

If the gripper (EOAT) has to have the lowest possible total weight, the NGR 12 DL is used, which contains extra light polyamide components.

Gripper Part (EOAT) of the Month

For handling limp materials safely, such as textiles, CFRP thermoplastic composites, other fabrics or materials, needle grippers are used.

Key data:

  • Description: NGR 12 DL
  • Part number: 1-460-12-00
  • Lightweight version
  • 37% weight advantage compared to the needle gripper NGR 12 D
  • Penetration depth 0-2,5mm
  • Two double-acting cylinders
  • Piston diameter 20mm
  • Magazine bar can dip

The light weight needle gripper and the standard version made of aluminium can be found in the catalogue besides more than 1.700 other EOAT components in the current ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT).