ASS works climate neutral

For ASS climate neutral production is no longer a distant goal, since the beginning of the year climate neutral production is real.

Klimaneutraler Standort der ASS"Sustainability has been a recurring theme with us at ASS since planning and moving into the new location in 2013," explains CEO Reinhold Ziewers and continues, "We think and act sustainably, not only because we consider it our duty, but also because it is of economic interest."

ASS Geschäftsführer Reinhold Ziewers

Capacities that opened up due to Corona were used to check and optimize all processes inside the company for options to reduce CO2 output.

"We are convinced that we are making an important contribution to the future viability of the company," says Ziewers. "Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for our customers, too, and we want to be ahead of our competitors here." Additional short-term costs are not passed on to the customer. Sustainable investments help to manufacture cost-neutrally despite the increasing amount of components through better utilization of existing capacities.

In areas in which CO2 neutrality is not yet possible, ASS continues to rely on compensation measures in accordance with Primaklima until technological development enables zero emissions here as well.

For ASS, profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but they complement each other perfectly: "We are convinced that we offer our customers high quality, economical and therefore sustainable products," says Ziewers, not without pride.

PRIMAKLIMA e.V. certifies our climate neutrality:

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