Robot Hand Kit (EOAT) extended with more than 100 new components

At the Fakuma in Friedrichshafen ASS Maschinenbau presents new gripper components and an enlarged product range for the original Robot Hand Kit (EOAT).

Fakuma 2015: New ASS EOAT ComponentsTo meet the new requirements fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), particularly carbon-fiber reinforced plastic parts (CFRP) for automotive lightweighting ASS adds more than 100 new gripper components in the new catalogue ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT). The enlarged gripper assortment allows even more customized gripping solutions for various applications. The new gripper parts and handling solutions like the new catalog will be taken at booth B2-2005 inspected.

Gripping limp material safe and secure

In the automotive industry FRP materials are getting more and more important: A reduced energy consumption, greater security and a better lifetime. This enables lightweight components made of CFRP by a low weight, high rigidity and low corrosion.
For handling limp materials, whether textile fabric or FRP composites preforms ASS presents at Fakuma many components and special lightweight custom components.

Fakuma 2015: New ASS EOAT ComponentsMore Needle Grippers: At Fakuma ASS adds new needle gripper for various handling solutions in the catalogue ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT). The needle gripper can be combined other components and often used the automotive industry for lightweight FRP materials. Needle for example grippers allow a precise removal from the magazine and a safe insertion into the mould.

Elastomers Polyurethane Coating: In order to grip gently and imprint ASS presents a wear-resistant elastomeric polyurethane (EP) coating. The EP coating is highly abrasion resistant, LABS-free, heat-resistant, wear-resistant and form-compliant. Nearly all contacting parts can be coated. Standard products are available with EP coating in the new catalogue, sich as grippers and gripper fingers. Special components, contours and even polyamide components can be coated individually where needed.

New components for De-Gating: In the area of ​​de-gating ASS presents a swiveling blade holder, new nipper blades inserts and protection caps for safety, as well as a query option of nipper blades. A highlight is the cutting unit "guillotine" with a force of about 3,700N for particularly serious separation tasks. As an option the guillotine can be heated.

New Vacuum Cups: The new 2-component vacuum cups have an extra soft sealing lip with a good coefficient of friction and an effective seal. This allows to grip textured, rough or uneven surfaces. Depending on the air permeability absorbent materials can be gripped too.

Fakuma 2015: New ASS EOAT ComponentsNew Robot Hand Kit (EOAT) catalog and practical examples: In the new ASS catalogue there are added more new components such as quick-change systems, new gripper fingers and more. In addition to the catalogue there can be seen current robotic hands for practical use at our booth: a robot hand with integrated de-gate and a handling system for tempered organo-sheets.

Quality "Made-in-Germany": The ASS components are all developed, designed and produced in the modern company in Overath near Cologne. New products go through extensive quality checks. For example, the EP-coated gripper successfully was tested in an endurance test with more than five million cycles.

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