Automation for Automotive Lightweight Constructions

KNUR Maschinenbau GmbH, Regensburg

ASS Maschinenbau GmbH has acquired KNUR Maschinenbau GmbH located in Regensburg.

KNUR develops and supplies automation solutions for lightweight and plastic parts for the automotive industry. Focus is the field of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), particularly carbon-fiber reinforced plastic parts (CFRP).

KNUR Maschinenbau GmbH is a modern, innovative company with about 30 employees in Regensburg. Since 2000 KNUR has been operating successfully worldwide as an automation, systems integrator and manufacturer of special machines for assembling, testing and bonding technologies.

Its portfolio ranges from standard machines operated manually or automatically, planning, designing and manufacturing of customized, highly complex special machines for the sensitive automobile industry.

Automation and adhesive technology are the core competencies of KNUR. Particularly in automotive lightweight where carbon fiber composites or materials are bonded, premium carmaker trust the competencies of KNUR.

FKNUR Automation Systemocus on Automation

The requirements in the production of highly automated production processes on the one hand and low set-up and maintenance times on the other hand are increasing. High-quality automation systems enable our customers to increase production efficiency and process reliability with cost savings and continuing to ensure high quality.

KNUR offers solutions for your automation tasks: from planning, designing and manufacturing up to launching the automation system.

They solve economical and reliable individual tasks from simple process optimization through to complex assembly operations. Automation systems are designed according to the task, this includes the project management. KNUR provides technical documentation as well as qualified personnel if required.

KNUR Adhesive TechnologyFocus on Bonding Technology

Bonding technology is gaining higher importance where lightweight components made of carbon fiber composites or a mix of materials is needed.

This is especially of concern in automotive lightweight construction. To ensure high process speed in production, safe and accurate fast-curing multi-component bondings is necessary.

The bonding technology is a core competency: KNUR designs and manufactures custom technology systems for all industrial projects, from development to series production.

Other core fields are the construction of control systems, fixtures, checking gauges and electromobility / e-mobile.

KNUR Checking Gauge Competence bundling - ASS and KNUR

By belonging to ASS, KNUR has access to the original ASS Robot Hand Kit and the gripper competence of ASS for its own tasks.

ASS and KNUR form an overarching component, gripper and automation system expertise for the plastic injection molding industry and the automated, lightweight automotive industry.


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