"Made-in-Germany" in Overseas

ASS Inc. >ASS< End of Arm Tooling, Inc. is the daughter of ASS Maschinenbau in the US. The facility is resident in Plymouth, MI in the immediate surroundings of Detroit and contact in North America. >ASS< End of arm tooling, Inc. equips the US, Canada and Mexico with gripper components of the ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT) and robotic tooling.

ASS End of Arm Tooling, USA>ASS< Inc. in the US has its own technical centre and designs the gripping solutions for overseas tasks by using the ASS gripper components from Germany.

If customized special needs are required ASS Inc. for example offers gripper parts combined with carbon parts or ASS PA-Forming for compact and lightweight special parts made of polyamide.

The ASS gripper parts are developed, designed and produced in Germany at the modern site in Overath, near Cologne.