• Robot Hand Kit (EOAT)

    The ASS Robot Hand Kit consists of 1,900 gripper components, including the grippers, vacuum cups, and profiles.
    We develop and produce our ASS gripper parts in our modern building in Overath.
    Read more
  • Robotic Tooling

    We conceptualize, construct, and complete robot hands to meet your requirements. Using both our standard gripper components, and customized parts for special needs, we can provide you with a individual robot hand solution. Read more
  • Automation Systems

    Our automation systems enable our customers to increase production efficiency and reliability, while simultaneously reducing costs and ensuring consistent quality. We specialize in automations around the injection molding machine with a focus on components for the automotive industry. Read more
  • FRP Handling

    We develop tailored solutions for handling ultra-lightweight components made from carbon-fiber thermoplastic composites. The use of carbon fiber-reinforced components has become another part of ASS´ core competence. Read more
  • 3D-Print - PA-Forming

    Custom or special made parts can be produced in house using our SLS rapid prototyping process, especially designed for 3D-Printing. Read more
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Dati CAD dei componenti per mani di presa (EOAT) ASS

ASS STEPbrowserPer aiutare i nostri clienti nell’integrazione dei componenti per mani di presa ASS nei propri progetti offriamo i dati 3D CAD. I file sono disponibili in formato STEP.

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ASS Maschinenbau GmbH

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ASS End of Arm Tooling, Inc.

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